Strategy, Marketing & Communications from the heart.

I believe that an idea with a great foundations is key to the success of any business. Let's work on your foundation and build something that will last!

Passion Is Everything

Based in Goondiwindi and equipped with an extensive working history in administration, governance and business, culminating with founding her own Tech Startup.

Complimented by a passion for problem solving, innovation, psychology and entrepreneurship.

Driven by knowing 'why' not just by knowing 'how'.

The Skillset

Tech Start-up Founder

Business Management

Content Creation

Start-up Branding





Book keeping




Working Together

From Copy to Strategy, Up-Skilling to Startup Launch Preparation; Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify who you are, the why of your work and opportunities to capitalize and grow.

Bess aims to get you going in the right direction with the tools you need to reach your version of success.